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Giants fans are good and smart and hate the DH

No one despises the idea of a DH more than Giants fans.

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San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

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Talks of the return of Major League Baseball have been nonstop over the last few weeks. While discussions have been contentious between owners and players, there are some topics that will absolutely need to be addressed.

In the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, some of those issues were put to fans of the game.

With the proposals suggesting a truncated 2020 season, there has been a renewed call to unify the American League and the National League with the addition of a designated hitter in the National League. As a whole, baseball fans are ready for the DH to be universal.

Not surprisingly, the numbers are slightly skewed by the breakdown between leagues. Adding the DH was almost unanimous among AL voters, as you might expect. NL voters, on the other hand, had a slight majority against the change.

Only four NL team fanbases voted in favor of the DH: the Reds, Cubs, Brewers and Braves. You’re allowed to hate those teams now.

But there’s good news: Giants fans are a smart and good bunch, with only 21% in favor of the universal DH. That number was the lowest of any fanbase.

Way to go, Giants fans. [Redacted] the DH.

A change to the DH rule isn’t the only potential hurdle facing MLB rosters when they return. There has also been discussions of changing the roster size for teams – either increasing it to allow teams more flexibility around the unknown, or decreasing to give more control over the risks.

The active roster was already set to expand this year from 25 to 26. Most fans agree that the roster should increase further given the circumstances.

Least important to actual game play, although potentially most restrictive, is that there also could be limits on what players can and can’t do on the field. This would include spitting, one of the favorite recreations for ball players of all ages.

Some people see spitting as an ugly habit, but many just see it as a baseball thing, or perhaps just a normal thing that people do. Even with everything going on right now, most fans aren’t opposed to spitting.

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