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I cannot get enough of Drew Smyly’s dog

Good boy alert.


We’ve been doing theme weeks at SB Nation lately, and this week’s theme is “Underdogs.”

There’s some good San Francisco Giants content there, such as when they won the World Series in 2010, or when they won the World Series in 2012, or perhaps when they won the World Series in 2014.

But I’d rather just remove the first five letters from “underdogs” and go with the theme of dogs.

And let me tell you: I’m very happy I made that decision because I think I found the best dog picture of all time, and I do not say that lightly. I take dog pictures very seriously.

Let me stop burying the lede and get into it: I went through the Instagram accounts of the Giants players to find all the dogs. Let’s start at the top.

Drew Smyly

Pitcher Drew Smyly has what appears to be something related to the Lab family, named Tye. Tye is very well represented on Smyly’s Instagram, including with this photo, which I have decided is the greatest picture in the history of canines.

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Thankful for the whole crew

A post shared by Drew Smyly (@smylyd33) on

There’s so much going on here. First off, that dog is CHUNKY, and I’m here for it. He’s a winner, through and through.

He also very clearly thinks that he’s the focal point of the picture. What are the humans doing? Who knows, doesn’t matter, time to smile for the camera. CHEEEEEEEEESE.

Tye also supports good causes — that’s him in the picture with the headline, promoting equality and kindness. And here’s him giving his dad some much-needed love.

Good dog.

Tyson Ross

Pitcher Tyson Ross has a dog named Maverick and, like most good dogs, Maverick’s ears and legs seem to rarely be on the same page.

Good dog.

Dereck Rodriguez

Pitcher Dereck Rodriguez has a very snuggly looking doodle. 11/10 would snuggle this doodle.

Good dog.

Trevor Gott

Pitcher Trevor Gott has a very fluffy dog. I’m not familiar with this breed, but I’m guessing it’s related to a Pomeranian ...

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Waiting for outside to open like...#bigcatguy

A post shared by Trevor Vaughan Gott (@trevor_gott) on

Good dog (I think).

Tyler Heineman

Catcher Tyler Heineman has a Pug puppy named Butters. This is a very good life decision that he has made, and I fully support him. I also think this is a Trailer Park Boys reference, which makes this a pop culture puggo.

Good dog.

Mauricio Dubon

You know the rule: Second base hits second. Well did you know that second base also has not just a first, but a second Pug?

That’s the new rule. 2B and 2Pugs. And one of them is named Chorizo.

Good dogs.

Evan Longoria

Third baseman Evan Longoria is what we call a one-way star. On the baseball field that might mean someone who is great at hitting but bad at defense, or the other way around. In Instagram it means someone who understands that Instagram is specifically for posting myriad food pics, or someone who understands that Instagram is specifically for posting myriad pet pics.

Longoria is the former. He hasn’t yet figured out that you’re supposed to fill your social media accounts with pet pics. There are about 100 beautiful food pics for this one lonely dog video.

Good dogs.

Johnny Cueto

Pitcher Johnny Cueto certainly wins the award for biggest dog, though I’m not sure what breed this is, or if it’s a smart idea to sit on your dog.

Good dog.

He also has appears to have some more conventionally-sized dogs on his farm in the DR:

Good dogs.