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Hypothetical recap: Drew Smyly is not, as it turns out, invincible

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Well, he tried.

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

With the MLB season suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, there are no baseball games and limited baseball news. So I’m creating a hypothetical season — complete with news and recaps — until baseball resumes. All news and recaps will have the hypothetical tag, so you can at least know when you’re suspending reality. And you can click “hypothetical season” above the headline to see everything that has happened in this “season.”

Drew Smyly did everything possible to endear himself to the San Francisco Giants fans in his first two starts. He beat the Los Angeles Dodgers once, and then he beat them again, just for good measure.

If you were thinking that Smyly was well on his way to being the greatest pitcher in Giants history, you’d be forgiven. I mean, that would be exceptionally dumb of you, but you’d be forgiven nonetheless. We’re a forgiving crew here, and it is a Tuesday.

Either way, Smyly was bound for a few clunkers. Every pitcher has them. And even that’s not fair, because his performance on Tuesday wasn’t a stinker. It was just a normal baseball outing that doesn’t make you think Smyly is the best pitcher in franchise history. He seems entitled to a few of those.

Ultimately, the game came down to one very simple thing: The Arizona Diamondbacks got more hits, and better hits, against Smyly than the Giants got against Mike Leake.This really shouldn’t be very surprising, because Leake and Smyly are fairly similar pitchers (in ability; certainly not in style), and the Diamondback hitters are a noticeably better group than the Giants bunch.

Baseball math! It doesn’t always work, but it does occasionally work.

There’s not much to dwell on. Smyly give up 4 earned runs in 6 innings of work, Trevor Cahill gave up another run, and then Tyler Rodgers gave up his first run of the year. The Giants scored just 2 runs on Leake (in 6 innings), and then added one against the bullpen. The DBacks won 6-3.

Of note:

  • Tyler Heineman got the start, while Buster Posey sat. I like Heineman, but I don’t think he’s exactly headed for the Stephen Vogt Hall of Giants Backup Catchers. The Joey Bart countdown is officially on, which probably isn’t fair to Heineman, but it is what it is.
  • Evan Longoria hit a home run. It feels notable when a Giants player hits a home run.
  • Brandon Crawford can still turn the hell out of a double play ball hit into the hole.
  • Ketel Marte is really good, and the Giants should consider getting one of those.

The Giants are now 4-7, which, to be fair to them, is better than 3-8.

We’ll take our wins where we can get them. Even in losses.