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Kevin Mitchell’s catch has been immortalized on a BreakingT shirt

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You can now wear this iconic Giants moment on your chest.

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Look, I know that we’re all quarantined and sheltering in place, and no one is around to see what clothes you’re wearing, except for your spouse or roommate or dog or betta fish.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to look your best. Wash your hair and put on new underwear, you’ll feel much better, I promise. And, if you really want to look snazzy, you can wear one of the more memorable plays in San Francisco Giants history on your chest.

Yes, BreakingT has created a shirt for Kevin Mitchell’s bare-handed catch back in April of 1989. Which we should probably rewatch right about . . . now.

I love this play, in part because it’s a confluence of lucky factors, which is kind of the heart of baseball. If the ball isn’t hit exactly there, this play doesn’t happen. If Mitchell doesn’t take a hilariously bad route to the ball, and mess up his chances of making a conventional catch — thus creating an opportunity for an unconventional catch — this play doesn’t happen.

And that’s baseball. And now it’s on a shirt. A shirt that will get a lot of compliments during your next Zoom meeting. Unless you’re in a Zoom meeting with Dodgers fans, which . . . why would you do that?

The Catch T-shirt for $28

And here’s the rest of BreakingT’s “Classic Collection