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Giants announce plans for ticket reimbursement or credit

Fans can get their money back for canceled games, or receive a credit for later use.

Tampa Bay Rays v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

If you had dreams of going to a San Francisco Giants game in April ... well, those dreams, like so many things, were canceled.

To date, the coronavirus — which led to the suspension of the MLB season about two weeks before it was set to begin — has canceled 31 Giants games, including 16 at Oracle Park. Many more games will be canceled before baseball restarts, and even when it does, it’s unlikely that fans are allowed in the ballpark again this year.

That’s obviously a bummer for all baseball fans, but it’s doubly a bummer for people who have already spent money to purchase tickets for games that are getting canceled.

On Wednesday, the Giants announced their plans to refund those who have bought tickets. Single-game ticket buyers can receive a full refund, or a full credit to use towards 2021 games, while season-ticket holders can receive a full refund, or 105% credit towards a renewal next year, or towards games this year should they be resumed with fans.

For now, the Giants are only refunding the lost April games, as well as the 11 home games that were scheduled for May, as the California shelter in place order extends through May 31. The team noted that the same policy will be in place for games in June and beyond, and will be enacted as the games are canceled or played without fans.

Refunding tickets for canceled games may seem like the bare minimum, but it’s certainly more than most airlines are doing, so give the Giants credit there, I guess. And at least it doesn’t appear that they Giants are making it extra difficult to find how to get a refund, as the Los Angeles Dodgers appear to be doing.