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Scouting report: Mauricio Dubón is an 80-grade personality

That’s good enough for me.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants Photo by Adam Glanzman/MLB Photos via Getty Images

There’s no right way to sport. And there’s no right way to comport yourself.

There are plenty of wrong ways, mind you, but there’s no one right way.

That said, I think most sports fans find themselves gravitating towards the personalities that exhibit a certain level of enthusiasm and joy. The players that radiate positive vibes are easy to root for, easy to develop a connection with, and plum fun to watch.

It’s no coincidence that the San Francisco Giants players who have exhibited a joyous and radiant personality have been beloved by the fanbase. You know the types. Sergio Romo. Tim Lincecum. Hunter Pence. Pablo Sandoval. Juan Uribe. Marco Scutaro.

There are plenty of other personality types that have endeared themselves just as much, of course. Buster Posey is adored in part because of his stoicism. Madison Bumgarner is beloved with his fiery determination. Matt Cain, whose personality can really only be described as Matt Cain, is a legend forever.

But if you draw a circle and put all of the Giants who have lovably positive personalities in it, the whole circle will fit in the larger circle of Giants loved by the fanbase.

Which brings us to Mauricio Dubón.

I wrote a while ago that Dubón had an 80-grade smile, but after further scouting, I’ve determined that he simply has an 80-grade personality. A positive personality that’s . . . umm . . . uhh . . . yikes . . . my internal thesaurus doesn’t really have a synonym for “infectious” here but that doesn’t really feel like a good word choice.

Moving on. Please.

The Giants recently released a video of Dubón, titled “From Honduras to the Show.” It visits his family, talks with them, talks with him, and explores his overwhelming love of baseball.

If you watch that and aren’t completely enamored with Dubón, you either have no heart, or you’re a Dodgers fan. But I repeat myself.

And then there’s this, which I watched on a loop ten times, while wearing a [redacted]-eating grin.

Which comes on the heels of this:

It’ll be a while before we know what grade to put on Dubón, the ball player. But he sure as hell is an 80-grade personality.