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Friday BP: Hunter Pence walks it off

Hunter Pence hit a walk-off home run while playing as Hunter Pence in a video game.

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Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

We’re all hurting for live MLB baseball, and this is about as close as we’re going to get for a while. San Francisco Giants outfielder and beloved icon Hunter Pence is representing the Giants in an MLB The Show tournament.

A few days ago, Pence won a game by hitting a walk-off home run . . . with Hunter Pence.

His reaction was very Hunter Pence.


Elsewhere in Giants video world, broadcaster Dave Flemming hosted a video hangout with team president Larry Baer, president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi, and manager Gabe Kapler.

Ummm . . . perhaps not your favorite people in the world, for various non-baseball related reasons (and perhaps for baseball reasons, too). But it’s an hour-plus of baseball talk. I assume. I haven’t actually watch it. But that seems like the likely subject material.

Did Barry Bonds hit a home run today?

Hey, thanks for asking. He certainly did.

April 24, 1998: Against the Milwaukee Brewers, Bonds hit a solo home run in the 7th inning off of Scott Karl. It cut the Giants deficit to 7-5, which was the final score. It was his 4th home run of the year.

April 24, 2001: Against the Cincinnati Reds, Bonds hit a 2-run home run in the 3rd inning off of Jim Brower, scoring Marvin Benard. It tied the game 3-3, though the Reds would win 9-5. It was his 9th home run of the year.

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