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FanPulse: How will the coronavirus impact the MLB Draft?

As we prepare for one league’s draft, MLB fans look ahead to theirs.

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2019 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB via Getty Images

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The coronavirus has put the MLB season on indefinite hold — the San Francisco Giants have already lost 24 games, with no end in sight.

But while the world is mostly devoid of live sports, most leagues are continuing to operate in some capacity, as they prepare for sports to return, whenever that may be. Primarily, leagues are continuing to go forward with drafts. The WNBA had their draft on Friday, and the NFL Draft is kicking off on Thursday night, with the usual three-day format.

We’re still a ways away from the MLB Draft, but it’s planning on going forward sometime in July, a month or so after when it usually transpires. It won’t be the same draft as we’ve grown accustomed to, as MLB and the Players Association started working on the framework for an altered draft as soon as the season was suspended.

That will obviously impact any and all players who were wanting to throw their name into the draft hat this summer.

As they always do on any subject, MLB fans have their opinions on the draft, from what players should do, to what the league should do.

Will rule changes have an affect on high school players going pro?

79% of polled fans think that rule changes will come into play with high schoolers thinking of entering the draft.

Will an extra year of NCAA eligibility have an impact on the draft?

With spring sports suspended in college, the NCAA has granted an extra year of eligibility to baseball players, to make up for the lost season. 60% of polled fans think that will impact the upcoming draft.

Should MLB allow current high school seniors to enter the draft after one year of college?

High school seniors who were planning on exploring the draft may have second thoughts with reformed rules. 61% of polled fans think those players should be allowed to enter the draft after a year of college ball.

If you’re a prospect, would you enter the 2020 MLB Draft?

62% of readers polled would not enter this year’s draft if they were an MLB prospect.

Ultimately, the coronavirus will have a huge impact on the upcoming MLB Draft. We’re just going to have to wait and see exactly what that impact is.