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Thursday BP: Under appreciated home runs in Giants’ history

Plus more Giants news from around the web.

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Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB via Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants have quite a few memorable home runs over the franchise’s history.

From Barry Bonds’ record-breaker, to Willie Mays setting a new career NL record back in 1966, to “The Shot Heard Around the World,” there are many that come to mind.

But, what about some of the dingers that we may have forgotten about?

The Athletic’s Grant Brisbee put together a list of five home runs in Giants’ history that deserve more attention.

Here’s an excerpt from one of his choices, which is familiar to anyone who joined last night’s rewatch.

Juan Uribe against the Texas Rangers in Game 1 of the 2010 World Series

“It was an absolute moonshot, complete with a perfect set of Uribe-patented jazz hands, and it broke the game wide open. That was the first time I wasn’t convinced that the Giants were going to lose. And, wait, what’s the opposite of “not losing” a World Series? Winning? Is that right? Did I have that right? Uribe’s homer was the first time I thought the Giants could win a World Series since the Game of Which We Do Not Speak in 2002. They might have won the game without it, but the this-is-really-happening vibe of that home run was hard to forget.”

Are there any home runs you particularly remember in Giants’ history that you think are under appreciated?

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