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Wednesday BP: Which Giant will hit the first home run off MadBum?

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We won’t find out for a while, but place your bets now.

San Francisco Giants v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Hello and happy Wednesday. Crap, is it really only Wednesday? Wednesday of THIS week?


If you’ve made the questionable life decision of following my hypothetical San Francisco Giants season, then you may have read my recap for last night’s hypothetical game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, in which Madison Bumgarner mowed down the Giants. Hypothetically.

You know it’s actually going to come though. Eventually.

But just as MadBum will embarrass the Giants a time or twenty over the next five years, the Giants will get the better of him a time or two. Probably only a time or two, but hey, we will take what we can.

In my recap, the Giants only mustered singles and walks against their former teammate, but eventually someone will do the noble thing and put the baseball over the fence.

Perhaps it will be someone unassuming, like Billy Hamilton. Maybe it will be someone poetic, like Joey Bart - ushering in the next era of Giants stars against the old. Maybe it will be Buster Posey because that sure would feel right. It might be some weird minor league invite you’ve never heard of, like Richard Demarble, which is definitely a name I just made up. Hell, it could be Yasiel Puig for all we know.

Put in your votes. We’ll find out in a few years.