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Thursday BP: Three weeks out

I said, three weeks out.

Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

We are three weeks out. Three weeks out from glorious baseball. Three weeks out from opening day, when the San Francisco Giants, full of hope, optimism, and an unblemished record, will get obliterated by play the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Three weeks.

I’ll be honest, I spent the bulk of the offseason not particularly wanting baseball to come back, for a variety of reasons that I’ve documented before.

But now that I’ve gotten a little taste of it, from spring training games? And now that I can smell its official arrival? I’m hungry for real, meaningful baseball.

The bright side is, the wait is down to exactly three weeks. That’s not long at all.

The down side is, that’s only three more weeks of the Giants being tied with the Dodgers in the standings. In all likelihood, it’s all downhill from there.

But right now, who cares. Honest to goodness, meaningful baseball games, with players playing their hardest, managers and umpires yelling and kicking dirt, and Jon and Dave and Mike and Duane’s commentary, and Renel’s voice echoing in the background . . . it’s all right around the corner.

Just three weeks away.