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Hunter Pence as shelter-in-place supplies

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A thread.

San Francisco Giants v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Quarantine log, Day 17: Somebody said it was Tuesday. I ... couldn’t believe them. “Tuesday? Of when? And why?” I wondered, before that same person said, “It’s your last day at McCovey Chronicles.” I... couldn’t believe them. “Chronicles? Of what? There’s no baseball. What am I going to say?” “Follow your heart,” they said. Turns out that they... were me. It was I who thought to follow my own heart and it led me to this, the purest summation of the shelter-in-place global pandemic experience for all Giants fans around the world.

Hunter Pence as the supplies needed to shelter-in-place. A thread.

Toilet paper

Subscription to a streaming service


Paper towels


Disinfectant wipes


Unrelated, but related: watch Hunter Pence’s Philadelphia area ad for Liscio’s Bakery.




Quarantine log, supplemental; I don’t pretend to know what will happen next, but what I do know — and with the utmost certainty — is that some time very soon, Hunter Pence will not only embody the best of humanity, but of some everyday household item we’ll need in order to manage this quarantine.