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Tuesday BP: News dump

Will Clark for Don Mattingly trade that never happened

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Even though the MLB season is in hiatus, like most of the world, we are still getting some San Francisco Giants content.

I enjoyed reading a piece by Grant Brisbee of The Athletic. He looks back at a potential trade that was rumored to be in the works back in 1988.

It would’ve been a blockbuster between the Giants and New York Yankees centered around Will Clark and Don Mattingly.

Brisbee refers back to a story written by the great Peter Gammons after the 1988 season, which Sam Miller of ESPN shared on Twitter:

Brisbee does a nice job of breaking down what the ripple effect would’ve been had the trade went through. He points out that Clark was younger and better at the time and questions if the Giants would have won the 1989 pennant.

Mattingly went on to sign a five-year deal with the Yankees worth $19.3 million and Brisbee points out that if Mattingly would have signed a similar deal with the Giants, it may have cost the team an opportunity at getting Barry Bonds.

How do you things would have turned out if the deal was made?

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