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Let’s do another game re-watch

Let’s watch some baseball.

Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Last Wednesday we had a gamethread for an old game: The 2010 National League Division Series Game 1, in which Tim Lincecum wove his finest work in leading the San Francisco Giants to a 1-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves.

It was a lot of fun. A lot of you swung by, and a few more mentioned you wanted to but other commitments got in the way. It was certainly enough positive response that it felt like doing regularly.

So let’s do it again. Let’s do it tomorrow (Wednesday) and, unless people have objections, let’s plan on it being a weekly thing on Wednesdays, until the coronavirus pandemic has slowed enough that live baseball begins to enter the atmosphere once again.

So tomorrow it is, at the standard time for 2020 Giants baseball: 6:45 p.m. PT. 6:00 p.m. PT. Since most of you are home all day, we can definitely move that up to accommodate east coasters. Just speak up. That’s what the comments are for!

We need to pick a game before we start watching. A few people suggested that we just work our way through postseason things, and since this baseball stoppage is now looking like it’s going to go on for quite a while, I agree. Plus, we can start doing a weekend game too, if people want, to really get through them.

So I’m proposing one of two games: The 2010 NLDS Game 2, in really keeping with the theme of going through all the games, and the 2010 NLDS Game 3, in keeping with that theme but only doing the games the Giants win (sorry for any spoilers).

A third option is to go chronologically but just hit the really notable games, but we’ll need to crowdsource what that would be. So feel free to vote for that option and leave your opinion in the comments.


Which game should we watch?

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  • 35%
    2010 NLDS Game 2
    (18 votes)
  • 43%
    2010 NLDS Game 3
    (22 votes)
  • 21%
    A more exciting 2010 postseason game
    (11 votes)
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