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How are the Giants handling social distancing?

Let’s take to the social mediasphere and find out!

Social Distancing Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

How’s everybody doing? Ample supply of TP? Washing your hands regularly? Burning through that Netflix queue?

We live in interesting times. Regrettable, but here we are. The good news is just that: here we are. A baseball blog can’t quell anxiety and it won’t even be able to prognosticate or pontificate about the sport because of the bad news: there won’t be any Major League Baseball in the foreseeable future.

But what we can do — the better news — is compile some lists. Oh baby, can we compile. With social distancing requirements in place, it means players will be posting on social media more and more, and if movie stars are an indication, we’re likely to see some really... interesting responses from professional athletes being forced to spin their wheels while we all wait out this pandemic.

That’s a long intro to a simple idea: what are the Giants doing on social media? Let’s take a quick trip around the internet and find out.

Hunter Pence

How’s our good friend Hunter Pence handling having no games to play?

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A fierce message to coronavirus.

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A strong post to kickoff this roundup, and I’ll tell you now that nobody tops it. Have we all taken up singing to ourselves? I know I have. No hit singles in the bunch, though. All tone pieces or temp tracks. Here, though, is a bona fide hit cover song. And so timely!

What are your coronavirus-themed soundalikes? I’ve been singing “COVID-19” to the tune of “Come on Eileen”, though admittedly, I haven’t been able to build out any verses.

Pence also emptied the Scottsdale Target of its remaining supply of Pringles.

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This is my current state of happiness

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Quarantine, Day 7: Hunter Pence gives up on his diet. You hate to see it, folks.

Brandon Crawford

The veteran shortstop has so far posted only photos and video of family time at home in Scotsdale — which is great, because it led to this gem:

If you can’t read the post:

Braxton (4 yrs old)- “Daddy what number are we on?” Me- “47” Brax (in his announcer voice): “Number 47...Johnny Playdoh!!!” Me - “Johnny Playdoh bud?” Brax- “Yeah Johnny Playdoh. That’s his name.” Me- “It’s Johnny CUETO, Brax.” Brax - “Why?” @johnnycueto47 @jalynnecrawford @lego @playdoh

That is some really nice kid logic and I’m glad we all got to experience it. What is, Johnny Playdoh up to, anyway?

Johnny Cueto

He’s quarantined with his family, which looks like the perfect time for Cueto to participate in some home cooking.

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sancocho A buen tiempo

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If you get the sense that all this family time has brought him some serenity, then you’re wrong, because it would appear to be quite the opposite:

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Aquí en familia y desestresado en plena cuarentena

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Unclear if the Giants’ ace intends to smoke all those in one sitting or share them with other members of the family, but there are nine cigars, a clear beverage, and plenty of free time.

Also unclear:

When are we getting the hats, Johnny?

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If you guys like these you may be real happy soon

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Evan Longoria

Longoria is taking his stardom pretty seriously, actually, posting about local restaurants and the need to support them especially now:

Digging the shout-out to a Tampa-area place.

A brief review of restaurant economics paints a bleak picture: most restaurants operate on razor thin margins, meaning any disruption of business can be catastrophic. Of course, a pandemic is about the lives affected by a spreading virus, but the human toll extends beyond those who contract the virus. People will lose income and be unable to pay crucial bills, and that’s all before any consideration of aid. Add to that the post-pandemic world of radically altered communities and a baseball player even bothering to send out this reminder seems like the least he can do.

Sam Coonrod

Here’s a late inning reliever hopeful reminding us to devise our own pandemic exercise routines:

Jon Miller

Jon Miller’s Instagram has been all about teaching. Here he is teaching us about the proper way to wear a mask . . .

. . . and the Flemming Kids how to calculate ERA:

The Giants

The Giants’ Instagram provides both an update on Tyler Beede’s surgery — a success! — and a wonderful bit of pandering to a captive, anxious audience:


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Feel good content. #NationalPuppyDay

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Not to be outdone . . .

Dereck Rodríguez