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Monday BP: Which Giants could play other sports?

Which Giants players could excel in other sports?

2007 Allstate Sugar Bowl: Notre Dame v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Last week it was revealed that Tim Tebow - former Heisman winner, former NFL player, and current member of the New York Mets farm system - would be playing for the Philippines in the World Baseball Classic qualifiers.

It reminded me just how crazy it is that Tebow played two sports professionally. Of course, I was then harshly reminded that Tebow probably is only able to play professional baseball because of the fame he accrued in football.

Honestly, of all the things Tebow has done in his career, ranking last in all three segments of the slash line is one of the most impressive.


I’m not trying to dunk on Tebow, because that brings a third sport into this. What I’m really trying to do is remind everyone that it’s really, really, really hard to be a successful professional athlete in one sport, so doing it in two is nearly impossible. Nearly.

Still, it’s fun to think about what athletes could play a second sport, whether for silliness or seriousness.

So, question to the room: Which Giants do you think could be successful at other sports?

We know that Jeff Samardzija was a successful football player at Notre Dame, so that’s a pretty easy start. We also know that Brandon Crawford was a good high school football player, and that Brandon Belt successfully utilizes his enormous flippers in the water.

So . . . who else?

Note: Last Monday I asked what fictional manager you would want to lead the Giants. It was fun. So from now on the Monday BPs are going to focus on silly questions like that, and like this one, half because they’re a fun change of pace, and half because I write them on Friday, so any news I address will be stale by the time the piece is published. If you have any other fun or silly questions you want addressed to the room, comment or email me.