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Tuesday BP: MLB to limit media access due to coronavirus

Plus, Matt Carasiti’s season is over before it began

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Good morning and happy Tuesday. Before we get started, please remember to A) wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, B) vote if you are in a state that is voting today, and C) wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

Now, onto a completely unrelated topic. On Monday, the MLB issued a joint statement with the other three major American sports leagues that are currently in season (the NBA, NHL, and MLS).

The statement announces that the leagues are limiting media access pre- and post-game. Essentially, media members will no longer be allowed in the locker rooms/clubhouses, and will instead conduct media obligations from designated areas.

OK. You might be unsure how to feel about this, so let’s check in on how members of the San Francisco Giants beat feel:

Well, that’s certainly a strong take, and I’ll let you decide whether or not you agree with that. There is definitely a case to be made that if things are severe enough to alter game day operations, that games should simply be canceled.

In other news that’s more specific to the Giants, reliever Matt Carasiti suffered an arm injury over the weekend that will require Tommy John surgery. That’s never fun news.

Carasiti was a Farhan Zaidi special, which is to say he was signed over the offseason to a minor league contract with an invite to major league camp. He was pitching decently, with seven strikeouts in five spring innings.

And finally ... let me just leave this here for you all to happily feast your eyes on.

It’s beautiful. These are my people.