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Posey / Pence 2020

Here’s the only shirt you need this election year.

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Maybe you don’t want to vote in this year’s election or maybe you’re just not politic. Well, here comes BreakingT to not only seize the moment we’re in but also contort it from Serious Political Thing to Novelty Wearable.

The Giants have the perfect ticket for your 2020 election blues. Buster Posey and his good friend


Be the envy of your friends or block captain with this perfect t-shirt:

And if you want to be warm on Super Tuesday or even in November, BreakingT has you covered with the hooded sweatshirt edition . . .

With Hunter Pence returning to San Francisco and reuniting with his good friend Buster Posey, they’ve got a ticket the whole Bay Area can believe in.

- Officially licensed product of the Major League Baseball Players Association.

- Orange print. Available in two styles.

- Adult T-Shirt: Super-comfortable, cotton/poly-blended tee in black. Unisex sizing with a snug fit.

- Hoodie: Premium cotton/poly blended-fleece in black. Drawcord in natural. Front pouch pocket. Unisex sizing.

- Designed by Bay Area native Nick Torres.

- Designed and printed in the USA.

That’s right! No need to let the Giants’ clown car of platoonery get you down. Hunter Pence is back, baby, and if Farhan Zaidi’s interview with Jon Miller during Sunday afternoon’s spring training game is any indication, he will be getting plenty of reps in left field as part of one of many platoons the Giants will deploy.

Pence remade his swing two offseasons ago and last year it finally stuck by way of a .910 OPS in 83 games with the Rangers off a minor league-turned-major league deal. Meanwhile, Buster Posey will be a full year removed from hip labrum surgery and on a mission to rebound with some bat thunder.

They couldn’t be more different! Posey plays with perfect baseball technique. Hunter Pence “[r]uns like a rotary phone thrown into a running clothes dryer.” Buster Posey drives a car like this:

Yeah, but Hunter Pence, he drives a car like this:

But together, they form quite a pair, and one with a formidable policy platform. You ever hear of the three ships of success? These three ships are the only fleet you’ll need to guide yourself across the sea of uncertainty: Championship, Sportsmanship, and Friendship.

Order your Posey / Pence ‘20 shirt right here and RIGHT NOW.