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Weekend BP: BASEBALL GAMES!!! (maybe)

The first Giants games of 2020 are hopefully here.

San Francisco Giants Workout Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants will win some games this weekend, or lose some games this weekend, or both. Either way, they’ll play some games this weekend.

Maybe. Maybe not.

The team is slated to play their first game of spring training on Saturday against the Los Angeles Dodgers, and their second on Sunday against the Oakland A’s. But some rare spring Arizona rain is threatening to cancel the first weekend of baseball.

This is a message from the baseball and weather gods and goddesses, Rob Manfred. You have sinned, and they are pissed. Fix it.

Spring training games sure don’t offer a lot. They mean little, feature a lot of players who won’t make the roster, and everyone’s rusty. But they’re baseball. They’re nine innings of three-out baseball in which a ball going over the fence is a home run, three strikes make an out, and every pitch thrown has at least some meaning and purpose.

Here’s who will start the spring for the Giants, if a game actually is played:


Thank goodness.

Enjoy it.

If it happens.