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The 2020 Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List: Finalized and Post-List Discussion!

It’s done, and so are we!

Willie McCovey Holding Baseball Bat

You jokers almost made a tie on the final post. I mean, really. Come on!

But in the end, Esmerlin Vinicio came out on top by just two votes. Two! Apologies to Caleb year will be a new opportunity to get on the list.

Here is your final list of 2020 Giants Prospects, as voted on by you!

Here’s your almost complete list!

  1. Joey Bart
  2. Marco Luciano
  3. Heliot Ramos
  4. Hunter Bishop
  5. Logan Webb
  6. Alexander Canario
  7. Seth Corry
  8. Mauricio Dubon
  9. Luis Matos
  10. Sean Hjelle
  11. Will Wilson
  12. Jaylin Davis
  13. Luis Toribio
  14. Jairo Pomares
  15. Gregory Santos
  16. Melvin Adon
  17. Tristan Beck
  18. Kai-Wei Teng
  19. Conner Menez
  20. Jake Wong + Logan Wyatt
  21. (see above)
  22. Sandro Fabian
  23. Ricardo Genoves
  24. Trevor McDonald
  25. Blake Rivera
  26. Camilo Doval
  27. Grant McCray
  28. Tyler Rogers
  29. Chris Shaw
  30. Prelander Berroa
  31. Dany Jimenez
  32. Franklin Labour
  33. Garrett Frechette
  34. Tyler Fitzgerald
  35. Matt Frisbee
  36. Rayner Santana
  37. PJ Hilson
  38. Tyler Cyr
  39. Jalen Miller
  40. Patrick Ruotolo
  41. Aeverson Arteaga
  42. Dilan Rosario
  43. Jose Marte
  44. Esmerlin Vinicio

How does it look? Not bad, right?

And now of course, it’s time for the traditional post-op chat! Let’s look back...what do you think?

Who do you think is ranked too high?

Who is ranked too low?

Who will we regret that we omitted entirely?

Who will take the biggest leap up these ranks next year? One of the big ones from last year was Conner Menez, who went from #37 last year and was all the way up to #19 this year, making his Major League debut!

Who on this list are you most eagerly anticipating seeing in the majors this year? And who will you be following closely in the minors?

Let’s start with our thoughts!

Too High:

Roger: I think our top 10 is pretty solid tbh. Maybe there’s an argument that Logan Webb is a touch high? But the first guy who sticks out to me is maybe Melvin Adon (16)?

Kevin: I have to agree with Roger here. I could quibble with individual rankings (though not really) among our top 10. And Roger echoes my first thought which was Adon. So, I’ll go with Jaylin Davis (12). He had a breakout season in 2019 in Triple-A, but I have to wonder how much was his changes, and how much was a juiced ball in Triple-A? It’s hard to be too sure about that.

Too Low:

Roger: I think I’d probably have Luis Toribio (13) up another 6-7 spots personally. But looking over the whole list I think Blake Rivera (25) is the guy we should have gotten to much earlier. I also think the disparity between guys like Adon and Tyler Cyr (38) was really off. Cyr’s good! And I suspect will throw some major league innings in the not too distant future.

Kevin: This is really going to be off-brand for me, but I’m going to go with the ultra-young player with no track record here. Aeverson Arteaga (41) was listed in the Top 30 in the BA list, and honestly, possibly could be even higher. He’s no Luciano by any stretch, but this seems incredibly low. Roger’s absolutely right about Cyr as well.


Roger: I have something of a soft spot for Conner Cannon and his Man Mountain Dean-sized power. As well as Diego Rincones extraordinary bat to ball skills. And given the various reliever types we put on the board I think Raffi Vizcaino could definitely have a spot here (there’s a decent enough chance he makes a debut this year). Others who I would have on here include Victor Bericoto and Sean Roby. David Villar was definitely the invisible man this entire process.

Kevin: I was going to say Esmerlin Vinicio, but you guys got him on the list at the very end. So, I’ll echo Roger. Victor Bericoto and David Villar also could be easily been in the back of this list. And Simon Whiteman is someone who I think will make an appearance on the list next year.

Great Leap Forward:

Roger: Luis Toribio (13). On the pitching side I’ll say maybe Rivera (25).

Kevin: I initially wanted to say Cyr, but he won’t be on the list next year. So I’m going to go with Grant McCray (27). On the pitching side, I’ll say Trevor McDonald (24).

Who are you most excited to see in the Majors:

Roger: Without a doubt, Joey Bart (1).

Kevin: Is there any answer other than Bart?

Who will you follow closely in the Minors:

Roger: Marco Luciano (2) is the future of this org, so he’s definitely going to take up most of my MiLBtv time. I’ll also be eyeing Canario closely.

Kevin: Okay, Luciano is also the obvious answer. But I’ll follow with Heliot Ramos (3) because his status as a “Most Exciting” prospect will always be fun to watch. Plus, Hunter Bishop (4), whose performance is the swing prospect here, as he could be another Top 50-level prospect.

And with that....we’re done.

As in, both Kevin and Roger...this is more or less our final official (paid) sign off from the site as writers. This is Kevin behind the keyboard right now, and I’ll let Roger say what he wants to say when he’s ready to.

I just want to say thank you all. I’ve been commenting on the site for over a decade, even while writing for others. Getting to work with Steve S. and later Roger on the prospects has been one of the great pleasures of my life. I want to thank both for putting up with me. I also have to thank Bryan Murphy and Sami Higgins for putting up with me as well over the last couple of years. I’m certainly not easy to deal with. And of course, that Grant guy, for letting me help his site.

Of course, I also have to say thank you to you all, and I really do mean it. Writing sucks if you don’t know if anyone’s reading, and your comments, suggestions, complaints, feedback, and catching every single intentional typo I put into my stories let me know that you all were there, even in some pretty lean years for us fans. Thank you so much for reading.

I’m sure I’ll still be here commenting, and there might be some (required by law to be unpaid) posts I’ll make, I’m seeing what will work.

If you want to follow myself and Roger in the future, please follow us on Twitter. He’s at @rog61, and I’m at @sflunaticfringe.

Oh, and I have an announcement I’ll be making on my Twitter later today, so I hope you’ll check it out.

Until then...toodles, y’all.