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Friday BP: Joey Bart cracks Fangraphs top ten

Another prospecting list for you to feast your eyes on.

Scottsdale Scorpions v. Glendale Desert Dogs Photo by Jennifer Stewart/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Earlier in the year, I posted in this slot highlighting the top 100 prospect lists of Baseball Prospectus and MLB Pipeline.

Now, a third big player in the prospect world has released their rankings heading into the 2020 season: Fangraphs.

The Fangraphs rankings carry good and bad news for the San Francisco Giants.

The good news: San Francisco has a prospect crack the top ten, as Joey Bart comes in at a clean #10. No Giant made the top ten in either of the other top prospect lists.

The bad news: After having five players make MLB Pipeline’s top 100, and four players make Baseball Prospectus’, the Giants only have three players represented in Fangraphs’ list, despite the list going to 120 players.

Joining Bart on the Fangraphs list was Marco Luciano at #24 (#14 by Baseball Prospectus, #35 by MLB Pipeline), and Heliot Ramos at #68 (#34 by Baseball Prospectus, #65 by MLB Pipeline).

Here’s part of what they had to say about Bart:

The defensive tools are the foundation of Bart’s skillset, the cornerstone of a certain big league future. He’s Mike Alstott’s size but with the lateral quickness and ground game of a small-framed catcher. He’s quick out of his crouch and throws accurate lasers to second base. He also has field general qualities: he’s a rousing, vocal leader at times, a calming presence at others. We still have some questions about the hit tool . . .

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Note: Apologies for the lack of BPs the last few days. This week has been meetings on meetings as we’re starting to finish assembling a team that will, eventually, shift coverage a little bit here (but not much). I kind of forgot that I can do BPs that don’t actually have any interesting info in them, so, from now on, I’ll schedule empty-content BPs on days when I’ll be gone or busy. Thanks to skyblue for relaying info to the community.