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Monday BP: It’s beginning to smell like baseball

Baseball week is here.

San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Apologies that this morning’s BP was not published at the standard 5AM PT. I was on vacation and didn’t schedule it ahead of time. The rest of the week’s BPs will resume as normally scheduled.

Congratulations, everyone. This is the final day without San Francisco Giants baseball, in some form or another, until October.

Tomorrow, pitchers and catchers report. From there on it’s baseball, baseball, baseball, for eight straight months. The pitchers and catchers will do their thing in the warm Arizona sun, then the position players will join them on Sunday, then there will be the first full squad workout next Monday, and the first spring game on the 22nd, and the first real game on March 26.

There will be practice, news, speculation, highlights, lowlights, surprise players, disappointing players, exciting developments, head-scratchers, and most importantly, games. Lots and lots of games, filled with pitches and swings and first basemen in the outfield and even an occasional bunt.

So enjoy your last sip of baseball-less coffee. It’s all back tomorrow.