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Wednesday BP: Really, Padres?

After adding Blake Snell, the Padres are bringing in Yu Darvish.

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National League Wild Card Game 2: Miami Marlins v. Chicago Cubs Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Hello and happy Wednesday.

I don’t usually plan on using this space to talk about baseball teams that aren’t the San Francisco Giants. And I sure as hell don’t usually plan on using this space to talk about the San Diego Padres.

But desperate and ugly times call for desperate and ugly measures.

Just a few days after the Padres agree to trade for 2018 AL Cy Young winner Blake Snell, they’re back at it. The Padres are bringing Yu Darvish back to the NL West, as they traded for the Chicago Cubs ace who finished second in Cy Young voting in 2020.

Side note: I want to commend Craig Edwards, or whoever at Fangraphs writes headlines, for the masterpiece on this news: Padres Give Up Prospects for Yu Darvish While Cubs Give Up.

Anyway, the NL West just got tougher for the Giants, though we may be at the point where the Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers are so stupidly, hilariously out of the Giants league that it’s best that they give up farm pieces for win-now pieces and lessen their future, when the Giants can actually compete with them. Sure, why not. Trade your top prospects for Mike Trout while we’re at it!

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There are 92 days until Opening Day. That’s not that many.

Have a terrific Wednesday, friends.