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Sunday BP: Holiday cards from the Giants

The Giants hope you had a nice holiday season.

Instagram: mauriciod10

Hello and happy Sunday.

On Friday, many members of the San Francisco Giants, like many members of the McCovey Chronicles community, celebrated Christmas. Christmas was dramatically different this year for most people, but it’s still a time when many were able to celebrate, eat good food, drink good drinks, be as merry as possible given the circumstances, and, most importantly, open presents.

Anyway, many members of the Giants posted pictures of their holiday shenanigans, because apparently when you’re rich and successful you automatically take on the hobby of documenting everything you do in a professional manner. I’m not complaining — their holiday pictures made me happy.

Here are some of them. Enjoy.

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How many days until Opening Day?

There are 95 days until Opening Day. And only five more days until this pathetic excuse for a year is over.

Have a great Sunday!