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Sunday BP: Listen to Brandon Crawford’s holiday playlist

Let’s get the holiday music rolling.

Instagram: jalynnecrawford

Hello and happy Sunday.

Do you like Christmas music? I bet you like Christmas music. I like Christmas music. And I’m going to pretend I haven’t read a million debates on this website over the years about how many people here don’t like Christmas music.

You know who likes Christmas music? Brandon Crawford. Predictably, but still.

Through the San Francisco Giants blog, Crawford — DJ BC Raw, that is — released his holiday playlist, which you can listen to on Spotify.

It’s a pretty good list, and probably about what you would have expected if you’ve paid attention to Crawford’s musical tastes over the years. There’s a lot of modern pop, with Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and Pentatonix all making appearances.

Anyway, give it a listen, make some cookies, drink some mulled wine, Zoom your loved ones, and try your best to enjoy a complex and difficult holiday season.

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Have a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy the football, or enjoy the not-football. Whatever you’re into.