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Saturday BP: 661

A 1948 Negro Leagues home run by Willie Mays might be added to his stat sheet.

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Hello and happy Saturday.

The number 660 has lived in baseball lore for decades, ever since San Francisco Giants legend and arguable greatest player of all time Willie Mays retired in 1973. Even though it wasn’t the career home run record, 660 was always a baseball number.

It’s such a clean number, and one associated with a man who had no equal on the field. It stuck.

And now, with Mays’ 90th birthday approaching, that number might tick up to 661.

In case you missed the news, MLB recently announced that many of the Negro Leagues will finally be granted Major League status. Which means a few players are going to have their stats changed.

Not all the box scores exist for those games, so not all of the stats can be adjusted. But one Mays home run from 1948 — three years before he joined MLB — has been found.

Nothing is finalized yet, as a lot of bookkeeping needs to happen.

But it looks like Willie Mays just might end his career being credited with 661 home runs.

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Have a great Saturday and weekend, friends.