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Tuesday BP: Who do you want to see on the Giants?

What’s the one player you would just really enjoy watching in San Francisco?

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Hello and happy Tuesday.

Today I was reminiscing about when the San Francisco Giants traded for Andrew McCutchen. He was a ways out of his prime, the Giants were fading and emphatically not a move or two away from competing, and they gave up what proved to be a bit of a haul for him.

Probably not a good trade.

Didn’t care then; don’t care now.

For years — long before it was actually realistic — I had wanted McCutchen to wear a Giants jersey, because I just enjoyed watching him play baseball so much. When the time came that I got to watch him play every day, I was ecstatic, because it was so fun.

So with that said, if you could have the Giants add one player, based on how much you want to watch them 162 games a year, who would it be? You can go with the realistic route (a free agent or a player who might be traded) or the wholly unrealistic route.

I’m going with the former and riling up the fan base by saying Yasiel Puig, who I think is just a delight to watch play baseball.

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Have a great Tuesday, everyone.