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Saturday BP: Happy trails, Hank Schulman

The Chronicle’s Giants beat reporter is putting his pen away.

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Hello and happy Saturday.

On Friday, the San Francisco Giants media coverage got a little bit less bright. The incomparable Henry Schulman, who has covered the Giants for the San Francisco Chronicle for 23 years, and written about baseball professionally for 32 years, is calling it a career. Or at least calling beat writing a career.

Schulman has been a vital part of Giants coverage during that time, and I’m sure anyone reading this has consumed his dry wit and sharp eye at some point during their journey as a Giants fan.

You should read his goodbye, which features the following passage:

You won’t be rid of me for good. I still have some feature stories that will run before (and maybe after) my last day. I also plan to keep my quill and inkwell handy. No, really, I file my stories in calligraphy. The copydesk hates it. I will haunt the press box at Oracle Park and work at my leisure.

I still want to write baseball, but not on daily deadlines. Maybe I’ll also start that novel I’ll have no patience to finish, or work as a pourer in a wine-tasting room. I always thought that would be a cool retirement job, as long as the winery doesn’t investigate a little product “shrinkage” here or there.

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There are 110 days until Opening Day.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.