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Tuesday BP: Kevin Frandsen casts his Hall of Fame ballot

And Barry Bonds is right where he should be.

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San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Hello and happy Tuesday.

There are six former San Francisco Giants on the current Hall of Fame ballot: Barry Bonds, LaTroy Hawkins, Tim Hudson, Jeff Kent, Omar Vizquel, and Barry Zito. Bonds seems to be the only one with a shot at making the cut, but if history serves as any indicator he’ll again be passed over on account of setting every record in the book while using the same substances that seemingly every player he competed against was also using.

Anyway, baseball writer and analyst Ryan M. Spaeder has been doing a magnificent project, wherein he gets MLB players — both anonymous and named — to cast their “ballots” for the Hall of Fame, to show who the players actually think should get in.

His most recent participant is none other than Kevin Frandsen. You likely remember Frandsen: he was drafted by the Giants in 2004, spent the first four years of his MLB career with the team, and returned in 2015 for his final MLB stint.

Here was Frandsen’s ballot:

  1. Bobby Abreu
  2. Barry Bonds
  3. Roger Clemens
  4. Todd Helton
  5. Andruw Jones
  6. Jeff Kent
  7. Scott Rolen
  8. Curt Schilling
  9. Omar Vizquel
  10. Billy Wagner

He also noted that Torii Hunter would be included were ballots not limited to 10 names.

Frandsen might be slightly biased, since he was Bonds’ teammate for two years (and Vizquel’s for three). Or he might just have common sense. He also shared a tremendous story about Bonds helping him at the plate, so it’s worth a read.

In all, Spaeder has collected ballots from 49 players, and 41 of them selected Bonds.

That said, there are some downright weird ballots. Matt Holliday and Carlton Fisk both omitted Bonds ... but included Curt Schilling. Schilling himself omitted Bonds (and himself, per the rules), which ... well ... OK.

One current member of the Hall of Fame says he wouldn’t vote for anyone who’s eligible, and one former reliever chose Vizquel as his lone selection (this probably shouldn’t be a surprise, but, based on this project, there is a sizable gulf between how players and media members view Vizquel).

But my favorite bit came from former catcher John Baker, who added this tidbit:

On Bonds, Clemens, and Sosa: did these guys take steroids? Probably. Yes. Definitely? Do I care? No, I do not, I have thought about it a lot. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!

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