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Ron Wotus will be back for another year

The third base coach is returning for his 34th season in the organization.

San Francisco Giants v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

One of the most familiar faces in the San Francisco Giants clubhouse is sticking around for 2021. Third base coach Ron Wotus — a staple of the modern era of Giants baseball — recently told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Amy Gutierrez that he’ll be donning a jersey for the team again next season.

Wotus will be entering his 34th season with the organization, and his 24th at the Major League level. When the Giants transitioned from Bruce Bochy to Gabe Kapler and his massive 13-person coaching staff, Wotus was the only holdover.

Part of that was likely because the organization wanted someone to help make that transition smooth. But part of it is because he’s very talented and respected within the organization.

Wotus is also committed and confident that the Giants can continue to things around, telling Gutierrez (as transcribed by Alex Pavlovic) that, “I want to get us back to where we were when we were winning championships.” I don’t think anyone will complain about that.

The news is good for the Giants, as Wotus clearly provides a lot of value. But it’s also great for fans. It’s impossible to think of Wotus without seeing him by Bochy’s side, and it would have been sad to see such a staple of the clubhouse retire after a season that featured neither fans nor the Giants longest-tenured player, Buster Posey.

You can watch Gutierrez’s entire conversation with Wotus (about 35 minutes) below. It’s followed by about 35 minutes of a conversation between Gutierrez and former Giants infielder Rich Aurilia.