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Wednesday BP: Tim Flannery hospitalized with a staph infection

The former Giants third base coach seems to be making good progress.

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Oakland Athletics v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Hello and happy Wednesday.

A few days ago, former San Francisco Giants third base coach Tim Flannery was hospitalized due to a staph infection. After the news got out, his band, Tim Flannery and Lunatic Fringe, started posting updates on their Facebook page.

An Oct. 26 update makes it seem like the Flan Man is on the up and up.

Good news today out of Flan camp...

Blood cultures showed no new growth and the primary staph infection is responding to the antibiotics. His doctors are working on making sure they’ve got everything identified so we can get him on the road to recovery which we know will be long but necessary with these types of infections.

There are still some places to be concerned but they are holding off on more tests/scans to let this round of antibiotics do it’s thing.

Donna dropped his guitar off to him today so you know he is already feeling better and needing that music medicine which is a great sign!

The Flamily thanks you from the bottom of their hearts for the outpouring of love, prayers and well wishes... keep em coming... we’re moving in the right direction!

As Tim’s tour manager, aka Team Mom, I have had quite a bit of misinformation and rumor mills to try and quell over the past week and it would be very much appreciated if y’all could help direct folks to this music page for current updates. I am in contact with Donna and the family every day and am updating this page as we get new and helpful information out to y’all.

Thanks again for your amazing love and support! We feel it and so does Tim.

Flannery spent eight years with the Giants, and retired after the team won their third championship in 2014. Here’s hoping he’s fully recovered soon.

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I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.