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Wednesday BP: Rob Manfred wants the new rules to stay

Surprise, surprise.

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San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants

Hello and happy Wednesday.

If the San Francisco Giants want to break their four-year drought and return to the postseason in 2021, they may have to do it under the same rules they played with in 2020. In not at all shocking news, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has expressed a desire to keep two key rule changes instituted during the coronavirus-altered season: the expanded postseason, and the automatic runner on second base to start extra innings.

In an interview with the Associated Press prior to the start of the World Series, Manfred said of the expanded postseason, “I don’t think we would do 16 like we did this year. I think we do have to be cognizant of making sure that we preserve the importance of our regular season. But I think something beyond the 10 that we were at would be a good change.”

Of the runner on second rule, Manfred said that the players like it, and that, “I think it’s really good from a safety and health perspective.”

Interestingly enough, he didn’t comment on the universal designated hitter rule, which seemed the most likely candidate to get instituted full-time following this season.

Either way, baseball is changing, and some of the ways that it is doing so are, for lack of a more diplomatic term, bad.

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There are 162 days until Opening Day.

I hope you have a great Wednesday.