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MLB fans are pulling for the Rays, obviously

As they should.

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League Championship - Houston Astros v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Seven Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

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We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news: The San Francisco Giants, for the sixth consecutive year, are not in the World Series.

Their hated rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers, are in the World Series. The Dodgers are in the World Series for the third time in four years, and are trying to achieve the ignominious task of losing in the World Series for the third time in four years. I support them in this endeavor.

Standing across from them are the Tampa Bay Rays. Normally the Rays are known for stadiums so empty that their 2020 games looked no different than their 2019 ones. But now, they are the most popular team in baseball. According to the most recent SB Nation Reacts results, a clear majority of baseball fans want the Rays to win the World Series.

This is because baseball fans are good, moral, and intelligent. I don’t say that often. But it applies right now.

Unfortunately, fans are not the baseball gods and goddesses, so they don’t actually control the outcome, regardless of how many rally hats are worn. When those same fans who wanted the Rays to win were asked who they think will win, results were much more split, though the Rays winning in six games was still the most popular answer.

Fans were also asked a number of other questions about the World Series. The most popular selections for World Series MVP was Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts, followed by Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena. This is understandable since those two players are ... uhh ... /checks Fangraphs ... really stinkin’ good at baseball.

Arozarena was also selected as the player who would lead the series in home runs, getting 35 percent of the vote. The rookie only had 7 home runs on the year, but in just 23 games. He followed that up with 3 home runs in the ALDS, and 4 in the ALCS. Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager were second and third in the fan vote.

The real battle in the minds of fans will be between the Rays pitchers and the Dodgers hitters. Fans think the Dodgers will hit more home runs as a team, but the Rays bullpen will have a better ERA than the Dodgers starting rotation. That would all be right in line with what happened during the regular season.

So, who do you want to win the World Series?


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