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There are no former Giants playing in the World Series

But there is a manager.

San Francisco Giants athlete Dave Roberts connects for a tying 2-run double off a pitch from Buddy Carlyle during 5th inning action against the Atlanta Braves Thursday, July 26, 2007, at AT&T in San Francisco, Calif. (Ron Lewis/San Mateo County Times) Photo by MediaNews Group/San Mateo County Times via Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves soiled the sheets on Friday, and again on Saturday, and once more on Sunday for good measure. And as a result that means they’ll slink home in their “NL East Champions” t-shirts and stop thinking about baseball for a while.

That means no 2020 ring for Pablo Sandoval. Or for Will Smith. Or for Mark Melancon. Or for Adam Duvall. Or for Charlie Culberson.

Yes, there are exactly zero former San Francisco Giants who will play in the upcoming World Series. Zero Los Angeles Dodgers players who played for the Giants. Zero Tampa Bay Rays players who played for the Giants.

And this isn’t just based on their current rosters. Neither the Dodgers nor the Rays have played a single person all year who wore a Giants jersey earlier in their career.

There are still some connections, of course. For instance...

  • The Dodgers are managed by Dave Roberts, who spent two years playing for the Giants.
  • The Rays earlier in the season used Anthony Banda, and then traded him to the Giants. He’s yet to pitch for the Giants, but he’s in the organization.
  • The Dodgers have Will Smith, which is a name shared by a former Giant.
  • The Dodgers have Clayton Kershaw, which is a name shared by the horse of Madison Bumgarner, a former Giant.
  • Both teams have a lot of players who I wish were on the Giants.
  • Both teams have a lot of players who the Giants wish were on the Giants.

Without any former Giants to root for, we’re left to go back to the old fashioned way of determining which team to cheer for, which is by picking the one that doesn’t have “Dodgers” on the front of its jerseys.