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Saturday BP: MLB Fans have good taste

Shocking, I know.

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National League Championship Series Game 3: Atlanta Braves v. Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Cooper Neill/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Hello and happy Saturday.

The San Francisco Giants did not make the postseason, but the team that Giants fans love to hate, the Los Angeles Dodgers, did.

But it’s not just Giants fans who enjoy watching the Dodgers lose. In the latest SB Nation Reacts poll of MLB fans, it was clear that very few people outside of Southern California are pulling for the Dodgers.

When asked who they’re rooting for in the Championship Series, the Dodgers received a puny amount of the votes — though they still did quite a bit better than the Houston Astros, who are universally loathed for their cheating scandal.

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Did Barry Bonds hit a home run today?

No he did not.

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How many days until Opening day?

There are 166 days until Opening Day.

Hope you all have a great Saturday.