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6 years ago today, literally

Travis Ishikawa!

National League Championship Series Game 5: St. Louis Cardinals v. San Francisco Giants

Do you remember where you were when Travis Ishikawa hit the NL pennant-winning walk-off home run to lead the San Francisco Giants past the St. Louis Cardinals, en route to their third World Series in five years?

Of course you do. How could you ever forget?

It was exactly six years ago, you know. October 16, 2014.

Here’s where I was, not that you asked, and that you care. I was sitting in my studio apartment, about six feet from where I’m sitting now. At the time I was too broke to have a TV, so I just used a computer monitor that I hooked up to my laptop anytime I wanted to watch a game.

My partner was doing deadline homework so I had headphones in. My friend who was staying with us was sitting next to me; she had no investment in the game, but liked sports enough to be compelled by the situation, and liked me enough to want an exciting outcome for my sake.

I was technically working but really all I cared about was watching the game.

And then Travis Ishikawa did his thing. Literally.

This is my most watched YouTube video, by a long shot. I return to it with regularity. It brightens my day when the Giants bring me down with their ineptitude. It keeps my spirits flying high when the Giants are soaring but and I need more baseball injected into my veins. It keeps me warm during the frigid months of the offseason.

And even better, for those with more time, is the full at-bat with the KNBR audio, which is queued up here:

Travis Ishikawa. Literally.