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Thursday BP: The BPs are back!

Let’s talk some baseball. And some other things.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Hello everyone!

It’s been a little while since our last BP. You can read about why here and here.

Starting today, the BPs are back. So for today, let’s cover the basics, and then get right into the important things, such as lunch, the definition of sandwiches, and the role that accessible parking should play in the ranking of a city.

What are BPs?

Baseball players have Batting Practice. Baseball writers have Blogging Practice.

Developed by our brilliant Sami Higgins (I believe), BPs are a daily thread. They serve to give the boisterous and at times vociferous McCovey Chronicles community a place to talk all day, where users don’t need to worry about their long responses getting lost as we all migrate to a new thread.

BPs aren’t empty articles. More often than not, they’ll serve as a links thread, where I’ll write about something pertinent to the San Francisco Giants, providing links to any interesting articles that other people have written. Sometimes they’ll just by mini articles of my own mediocre crafting. Who knows. But this is a Giants website, so brace yourself for some Giants content. Scary, I know.

Either way, they’ll appear on the main page every morning, and you can use what I wrote about as a launching point for a conversation, or bypass it entirely and get to talking about the Niners and pie and cats.


For now, BPs will be posted six days a week - once on each weekday, and a weekend thread on Saturday. Right now I’m posting them at 8 EST/5 PST, as east coasters had asked for an earlier thread, so as not to lose their ability to have a morning conversation.

If that isn’t early enough, please let me know.

What to do in a BP

That’s less important than what not to do.

Here’s what not to do:

  • Be a butthead.

That’s kind of it. Talk with your MCC buddies. Talk about the Giants. Talk about the Warriors. Talk about movies, life, and most importantly, food.

But be nice to each other. And flag people who aren’t being nice to each other. And link to the other articles so that you can have specific baseball conversations in places where you comment won’t get missed by group rankings of Seinfeld season 4 episodes.

I think that’s it. Please give feedback if you have any, so I can adjust.

And happy new year, one and all.