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The 2020 Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List #36

Inching closer to the end

Colorado Rockies v. San Francisco Giants

RHP Matt Frisbee jumps on the board at #35 allowing us all to make many Grant Frisbee jokes!

What’s the list look like now, you say?

  1. Joey Bart
  2. Marco Luciano
  3. Heliot Ramos
  4. Hunter Bishop
  5. Logan Webb
  6. Alexander Canario
  7. Seth Corry
  8. Mauricio Dubon
  9. Luis Matos
  10. Sean Hjelle
  11. Will Wilson
  12. Jaylin Davis
  13. Luis Toribio
  14. Jairo Pomares
  15. Gregory Santos
  16. Melvin Adon
  17. Tristan Beck
  18. Kai-Wei Teng
  19. Conner Menez
  20. Jake Wong + Logan Wyatt
  21. (see above)
  22. Sandro Fabian
  23. Ricardo Genoves
  24. Trevor McDonald
  25. Blake Rivera
  26. Camilo Doval
  27. Grant McCray
  28. Tyler Rogers
  29. Chris Shaw
  30. Prelander Berroa
  31. Dany Jimenez
  32. Franklin Labour
  33. Garrett Frechette
  34. Tyler Fitzgerald
  35. Matt Frisbee

Which makes today’s vote one that poses a panoply of young, raw tools. Here’s your choices:

Aeverson Arteaga

Esmerlin Vinicio

Jalen Miller

PJ Hilson

Rayner Santana

This group reminds me that the Prospect Handbook is now sitting on my chair promising hours of entertaining reading. It’s a must for all people who love prospects. I’ll just give you a tease and note that while the two lists are pretty similar overall, BA has six prospects in their top 30 that don’t appear in ours, and that includes three of the members of this group (Arteaga, Vinicio, and Santana), though all are in the far back end of their 30. The guy we’re much higher on than BA is Melvin Adon, who doesn’t appear in this year’s handbook . The one we’re lower on than them is Logan Wyatt, who clocks in pretty high in the teens on the BA list.


Who is the system’s #36 prospect?

This poll is closed

  • 11%
    Aeverson Arteaga
    (20 votes)
  • 10%
    Esmerlin Vinicio
    (18 votes)
  • 18%
    Jalen Miller
    (33 votes)
  • 23%
    PJ Hilson
    (42 votes)
  • 35%
    Rayner Santana
    (63 votes)
176 votes total Vote Now