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Tuesday BP: Predict the roster

The season is around the corner, so it’s time to look into the crystal ball.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Pitchers and catchers report in three weeks. Position players report in 26 days. The San Francisco Giants play their first Spring Training game in 32 days. The season begins in 65 days.

Tl;dr: Baseball is almost here.

So it’s time for you all to be a bunch of Nostradamuses. Nostradamus’? Nostradami? Ugh.

We know a lot of the players who will make up the Giants roster. I feel fairly confident that Buster Posey will be there, but . . . well, beyond that, there aren’t very many sure things. The Giants 40-man roster is filled with players who are either on the fringe of the roster, or potentially tradeable. Or both!

But now’s your time to do something very rare in life: Make a prediction that you can link back to in the future if you’re right, and that you can be pretty sure no one will look back on if you’re wrong. You’re working with house money here.

Give us the 26 Giants that will be at Dodger Stadium on March 26. You can include players that aren’t on the roster right now. You can exclude players that are due large sums of money.

Except Buster Posey.