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Wednesday BP: Bruce Bochy staying put . . . for now

The Giants famed skipper will not pursue the suddenly vacant Astros position.

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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

In this segment yesterday, we talked about the fallout from the Houston Astros 2017 World Series victory, in which it was determined the team used a live video feed to steal signs from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Part of that fallout was the one-year suspension, and subsequent firing of Astros manager AJ Hinch.

As such, the Astros are now left needing to fill an open managerial position sometime in the next few weeks. While there’s a little bit of a bad stench on the organization following the league’s punishment, the open position figures to attract a lot of names. Cheating or not, the Astros have eclipsed 100 wins in three consecutive seasons. They have a spectacular young core of dangerous hitters, and an elite ace duo of Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke, even if Gerrit Cole headed for greener pastures paychecks.

All they need is a manager. And it just so happens there’s a Hall of Fame manager currently without a home.

Bruce Bochy retired after the 2019 season, his 13th with the San Francisco Giants. Bochy insisted from the start that leaving the Giants was his choice, and not the result of him being ushered out by a new front office. Yet the tears had barely been wiped following his ceremony when the reports and quotes came that he had interest in continuing his legendary managerial career. He maintained, however, that he would take 2020 off.

He’s sticking to that, even though the rare event of a contending team needing a manager has occurred (two teams, technically, as Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora was also fired as a result of the scandal). According to USA Today, Bochy isn’t considering options for the upcoming season.

Bruce Bochy, the three-time World Series champion manager who was drafted and played three years for the Astros in his playing career, would be the natural choice, but he told USA TODAY that he plans to hit the “pause button,’’ and continue his plans to sit out the 2020 season.

The report does, however, mention that Dusty Baker - another former Giants manager - is interested in the position. Both Bochy and Baker are technically still part of the Giants organization, though not involved in very large capacities.

For better or for worse, we might see Bochy don another jersey before he truly retires. And, for better or for worse, it likely won’t be this year.