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UPPWR: Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger #4

Jason Pennini of Prospects Live gives Roger and Bryan his scouting reports on the Giants’ AZL talent.

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Pennini of the website Prospects Live joins Roger and Bryan to give his scouting reports on some of the Giants’ best and brightest talent at their lowest level, the Arizona League.

It’s not all about Marco Luciano, but it’s also not-not about Marco Luciano for a nice chunk of it; but, he also has more information than you’re likely to see anywhere else on the likes of Jairo Pomares, Garrett Frechette, Dilan Rosario, and Grant McCray, and if you’re not entirely sure who those guys are but you’re nevertheless interested in what’s going on deep down on the Giants’ farm, then you’ll want to listen to this one.

Jason also discusses what motivated him to ditch his old career to focus on scouting, which is an inspiring story worth your valuable time.

Roger and Bryan also go over the headline prospects acquired at the deadline — Jaylin Brown, Mauricio Dubon, Joe McCarthy, and Tristan Beck — as well as the Sacramento River Cats and their surprising playoff run.

The Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger (UPPWR) is still looking for an official title, so, add your suggests down below. The next episode will come after the minor league season wraps, so if you have questions you’d like the show to tackle, add those down below, too.

Apologies for some of the audio clipping that occurs during the interview. A combination of Bryan getting too close to the mic and too excited for the question he wanted to ask. Dummy.

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