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Tuesday BP, 8/6/19

San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

There is a Very Important story that you need to hear. Per Julie Parker of, there is an origin story to Scooter Gennett’s nickname. Unlike Buster Posey, whose nickname comes from his father’s childhood moniker, Gennett chose his own in an unusual fashion, His full name is Ryan Joseph Gennett, but as a young boy of four or five years old, he came up with Scooter as an alias to avoid “arrest”.

You see, he liked to repeatedly unbuckle his seat belt while riding in cars, which is obviously not safe and not something you want your child to do. So, to teach him a lesson, his mom took him to the police station to hopefully get him to change his ways. Faced with the prospect of interrogation, young Ryan opted for deception, and when the officer asked him what his name was, he told him it was “Scooter” and the nickname has stuck ever since.

The choice of “Scooter” was, it turns out, inspired by his love of the cartoon Muppet Babies.