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Bruce Bochy and the team can do no wrong, according to FanPulse voters

It’s a Giant love fest.

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San Francisco Giants v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

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Even after getting swept by the Cubs and out of the Wild Card picture, FanPulse voters remain enthralled by the Giants. That’s the power of the Bay Bridge Trophy.

Last week’s polling gave Bruce Bochy an approval rating of 89%. This week, it’s up to 93%. The last three weeks of team confidence has remained the steady, too: 88%, 87%, 88%.

I expect these numbers to dip in next week’s results on account of, you know, the Giants falling out of the race and below .500 again. But that’s an article for next week. In the meantime, gaze upon the results of this week’s national question:

An overwhelming majority of FanPulse voters don’t see any problem with that 9th inning bunt in a hitless or baserunner-less game. This is a question I haven’t considered in quite a while. As with most of the larger questions concerning the game itself, I stop and start at the question, “How would I feel if this happened to my team?”

If Madison Bumgarner’s no-hitter gets broken up by Cody Bellinger flaring a bunt down the third base line, oh hell yeah, I’ll absolutely lose it. Bumgarner bunts to break up Kershaw’s perfect game? I will laugh and enjoy the rest of my night. Because of that, I don’t feel like I can really be against the concept. There’s only a very selfish circumstance in which I would be totally against the idea.

Even then, I would still hold back about 10% of my anger and disappointment for the pitcher, because at some point I learned that however I’m feeling isn’t valid and must be interrogated.

Why couldn’t Bumgarner just strike out Bellinger? Wasn’t Vogt ready for that bunt? Why not re-shift on the pitch in anticipation? Oh well. As long as the Giants win the game.

So, I must assume that the majority of FanPulse voters are rational actors participating in an online poll and see the simple utility of getting on base by any means necessary. That makes the most sense to me, but what do you think?

And, are there any questions you think we should ask Giants FanPulse voters?