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Tuesday night was pretty special for the Rogers family

Just minutes after Taylor Rogers earned a save for the Twins, twin brother Tyler debuted for the Giants.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed Tuesday night’s game between the San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks, consider yourself lucky. It wasn’t a great way to spend your evening.

For the most part.

But if you spent the night doing something other than watching the Giants lose, then you missed the memorable debut of right-handed relief pitcher Tyler Rogers.

Rogers, who was drafted by the Giants in the 10th round in 2013, was called up before the game (along with Joey Rickard and Mauricio Dubon), and got the nod for the eighth inning of a 3-1 game. His submarine funk mowed down the side, prompting enormous cheers from the stands, and a love song from Duane Kuiper.

Now let’s get one thing straight. The Giants do debuts wonderfully. They take care of a debuting player’s family, making sure to get them to and from the game. They make everything perfect for a once-in-a-lifetime family moment.

But even beyond that, this was a special night for the Rogers family. Mere moments before Tyler debuted, his twin brother Taylor took the mound for the Minnesota Twins (following former Giants Sam Dyson and Sergio Romo, no less), and earned a save.

The timing was so perfect that the family was able to watch Taylor’s save on their phones at Oracle Park, before looking up and watching Tyler’s debut. And Taylor was able to make it back to the dugout to see his brother’s special moment.

After helping the Twins shut the door on the Chicago White Sox, Taylor was asked about getting the call from Tyler. It was pretty clearly an emotional moment for the brothers.

It’s abundantly clear that Tyler is adored by those who share a field and clubhouse with him, and his debut certainly felt a little bit more powerful than the average one.

It’s safe to say the Rogers family won’t be forgetting Tuesday night anytime soon.