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Tuesday BP, 8/27/19

San Francisco Giants v. Oakland Athletics Photo by Jordan Murph/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

For this past weekend’s Players Weekend theme, players were asked to submit their nicknames for the back of their (hideous) jerseys. Some were awesome (such as Hunter Pence’s shrug emoji), some were unsurprisingly bland, and some didn’t quite make sense.

Alex Dickerson fits into the latter category, sporting “Grandpa” on his, despite his nickname being pretty obviously something else. Apparently MLB told him they couldn’t make a decision on whether he was allowed to use “Dick” or not, despite allowing Richard Bleier of the Orioles to use the nickname.

Dickerson had this to say:

“They said they couldn’t come to a conclusion on time. Some BS like that. … It’s a pretty common nickname worldwide. I’m a little at a loss for words about what they were finding so offensive.”

I mean, he’s right about the first sentiment, but I think we can all understand why the league might have been hesitant to allow it. That said, to deny him after allowing another player to use it doesn’t seem like a great policy.

Per KNBR, Dickerson added:

“It’s silly, it’s stupid in my mind, and I gotta follow the rules...It sucks. Giants fans wanted to see it. It is what it is.”