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Monday BP, 8/26/19

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

Aside from those awful uniforms, that was actually quite an enjoyable weekend of baseball! What was your favorite part? For me, it was the eight run inning on Saturday night. It’s always nice to be on the opposite end of a bullpen implosion. And though I have sympathy for A’s fans the majority of time, I don’t have any when they are playing the Giants.

Now, I have long been on record thinking that the Bay Bridge trophy is silly and was likely only invented to drive up attendance in these short series. So I won’t be gloating about the Giants winning it. (That doesn’t mean you can’t, though).

Trophy aside, however, it was quite nice to see the Giants beat the A’s for the season. It’s a rarity, historically, so it should be appreciated. Nothing makes my A’s fan friends saltier, and their saltiness makes me giggle. Especially since I went into this weekend assuming the Giants would lose both games. So it’s all just found money at this point.

Today, as if our eyes hadn’t suffered enough over the weekend, the Diamondbacks are back in town. The Giants are sitting four games out of a wild card spot (with the Diamondbacks right behind them) and everyone is in a good mood. Yay, not-yet-meaningless late season baseball!