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Weekend BP, 8/24-8/25

MLB: MAR 28 Angels at Athletics Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

A housekeeping note, this will be the weekend thread. So you are free to migrate along with the game threads & recaps, or hang out here.

For those who are invested in such things, this weekend is the culmination of the Battle of the Bay series. Presumably there will be a trophy at some point? Unless they split this weekend, as the series is currently tied 1-1.

The Giants haven’t won the series since 2015, though they tied in 2017. Oakland leads historically overall, as any A’s fan will tell you, whether you asked them anything about baseball at all or not.

Anyway, as much as we dig at A’s fans who get really invested in this series, it is a lot of fun to attend in person and was always one of the games I would get to every year when I still lived in the area.

For many years, my family (which used to consist of a pretty even mix of Giants, Dodgers and A’s fans) would all get together every year and either attend a Giants vs. Dodgers game or a Giants vs. A’s game. The A’s fans would mostly root for the Giants against the Dodgers and the Dodgers fans would root for the A’s over the Giants. It was good fun.

So if you’re going to the series this weekend, have a good time!