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When will Bruce Bochy win his 2,000th game?

It’s going to happen, but can you exploit your intelligence to accurately predict just when that will be?

Washington Nationals v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

I offer no prizes, merely a platform for you to boast an accurate prediction, should it come to pass. Bruce Bochy has 1,989 wins under his managerial belt, and with the Giants winning 49% of their games this season and 34 left to go, it looks fairly certainly that he will get the 11 he needs to reach the magical number of 2,000.

Here’s the remaining schedule:

8/24 @ OAK
8/25 @ OAK
8/26 vs. AZ
8/27 vs. AZ
8/29 vs. SD
8/30 vs. SD
8/31 vs. SD
9/1 vs. SD
9/2 @ STL
9/3 @ STL
9/4 @ STL
9/5 @ STL
9/6 @ LAD
9/7 @ LAD
9/8 @ LAD
9/9 vs. PIT
9/10 vs. PIT
9/11 vs. PIT
9/12 vs. PIT
9/13 vs. MIA
9/14 vs. MIA
9/15 vs. MIA
9/17 @ BOS
9/18 @ BOS
9/19 @ BOS
9/20 @ ATL
9/21 @ ATL
9/22 @ ATL
9/24 vs. COL
9/25 vs. COL
9/26 vs. COL
9/27 vs. LAD
9/28 vs. LAD
9/29 vs. LAD

I’m not sure where I land on this. I’d like to be generous. The .492 winning percentage suggests the Giants might win 16-17 more games this year, which falls in line with FanGraphs’ projected standings as of this morning. But the question is when?

Let’s say that of the three remaining series this month, the Giants split them all. That’s four. Maybe one in St. Louis and one in Los Angeles. Three out of four from Pittsburgh (26-38 on the road), and one out of three from the Marlins (come on, it’s the Marlins)?

That gives us 10 with one to go. Figure zero in Boston (Giants are 0-5 at Fenway Park) and zero in Atlanta, and it looks like that 11th win might just come in late September at home against the Rockies.

Maybe that all reads as too pessimistic, but the Giants are leaking oil, and their road wizardry has given way to home field advantage. They play 18 games in a row from August 29th to September 15th, not quite equaling their 20-game stretch from June 14-July 3rd (in which they went 11-9), but certainly having the potential to be far more exhausting, given the part of the season in which it occurs.

But maybe Bruce Bochy has more magic trick up his sleeve, and whatever reinforcements coming in September — who, at least at the Triple-A level will be delayed due to the River Cats’ potential playoff run — might help paper over some of the team’s gnarlier bits and some sort of lengthy winning streak is on the table, not only securing a 2,000-win career campaign for the manager, but one final winning season.

When do you think 2,000 will happen?