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Chroncast #84: Blog Days of August

Has Farhan Zaidi already met expectations? Also, Bryan and Sami go over the new community guidelines and talk Brandon Belt.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants started off their nine-game road trip with a series win in Arizona. The week that was featured a blistering performance from Mike Yastrzemski and the major league debut of Logan Webb. Has Farhan Zaidi’s standard operating procedure already helped the Giants take off? What other moves might be in store over the season’s final six weeks?

Sami Higgins joins Bryan to talk about the recent changes to the site’s community guidelines as well as a conversation about why Brandon Belt will forever be loathed by a not insignificant portion of the fan base. Bryan also makes some very soft predictions for the upcoming games against the Cubs and the A’s.

Sami also needs your help! If you’re able to spare a few dollars, her family pet — an adorable dog named Timmy — underwent emergency surgery and now the family is in need of some financial assistance. If you can’t spare a few dollars, consider spreading the word via social media. Get well soon, Timmy!

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