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Monday BP, 8/19/19

Washington Nationals v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Good Morning, McCoven!

I wanted to use today’s BP to highlight the achievements of one of our own. ZenPop (aka John Mavroudis in real life) has had his artwork featured in a lot of great places, from the comments here in our community to the cover of Time magazine multiple times. He’s got talent. And we always appreciate when he chooses to share that talent with us. Whether it’s “The Brady and Slapsy Show” artwork, or this incredible Buster Posey design:

His work will now be immortalized on a t-shirt that will be given out as a promotion for the September 1st game against the San Diego Padres, and we couldn’t be prouder! If you’re able to, you should try to get to the game that day and share some picture of the shirt with the community!

Congratulations again, ZenPop! You are a true gem of the community and we are so happy for your continued success!